Our CRM Solutions

Introducing Our CRM Solution for Streamlined Content Selling

Are you looking to enhance your content selling process and optimize customer relationship management? Look no further! Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) solution is specifically designed to empower businesses in effectively managing and driving sales for their content offerings. With our CRM, you can streamline your content selling operations, improve customer engagement, and boost your overall revenue. Here's how our CRM can benefit your business:

1. CRM-Centralized


Centralized Content Management

Our CRM provides a centralized platform to manage and organize your content offerings. Easily categorize, tag, and track your content assets, ensuring easy access and efficient content distribution to your customers.


Seamless Lead and Contact Management

Efficiently manage your leads and contacts in one place. Capture and track valuable customer information, interactions, and preferences, allowing you to personalize your content offerings and tailor your sales approach for maximum effectiveness.

2. Seamless-Lead
3. Opportunity-Tracking


Opportunity Tracking and Pipeline Management

Stay on top of your content sales opportunities with our CRM’s intuitive tracking and pipeline management features. Easily monitor the status of each opportunity, track sales activities, and forecast revenue potential, enabling better decision-making and resource allocation.


Automated Sales Processes

Streamline your content selling processes with automation. Set up automated workflows for lead nurturing, follow-ups, and content delivery, ensuring timely engagement and a seamless customer experience



Insights and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into your content selling performance with robust reporting and analytics capabilities. Track key metrics, such as conversion rates, content engagement, and revenue generation, to identify trends, measure ROI, and optimize your sales strategies.


Collaboration and Communication

Enhance team collaboration and communication within your content selling efforts. Our CRM allows for seamless collaboration, ensuring that your sales and marketing teams are aligned, enabling effective content promotion and sales coordination.



Integration Capabilities

Our CRM seamlessly integrates with other essential business tools, such as email marketing platforms, content management systems, and analytics tools. This integration ensures a unified and efficient workflow, eliminating silos and enhancing productivity.


Personalization and Customer Engagement

Leverage customer data and preferences stored within our CRM to personalize your content offerings and deliver a targeted and engaging experience to your customers. Tailor content recommendations, track customer interactions, and provide personalized support to foster long-lasting relationships.


With our CRM solution, you can optimize your content selling processes, increase efficiency, and drive revenue growth. Let us help you take your content sales to the next level!

To learn more about our CRM solution and how it can benefit your business, join us on zoom. We are always on Zoom.. You can also call, chat email or fill the form to reach us and someone will get back to you.

CRM Pricing




  • Free 5 day trial
  • Workflow Builder
  • 2 way SMS
  • 2 Way Email
  • GMB Messaging
  • GMB Call tracking
  • Pipeline Management
  • Missed call Text Back
  • Text to pay
  • Web Chat
  • Calendar
  • Create Opportunities
  • Upload documents
  • Standard Integrations
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Reputation management
  • CRM Functionality
  • Reputation management /Social Media engagement
  • CRM Functionality
  • Form Builder
  • Form Builder
  • Email Support
  • Accept add ons
  • Memberships




  • 1 Core business process customized process flow - pipeline built
  • Free Websites
  • Surveys builders
  • Social media planner
  • Email Marketing
  • SMS & Email Templates
  • Trigger links
  • Triggers
  • All reporting
  • Invoice
  • Campaign builder
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Email Builder
  • Google Reporting
  • 1003 built for taking loan Application
  • 1003 built for taking loan Application if chosen
  • Preliminary real estate form for client onboarding - ege explain the full process of lending , interactive survey sheet, automated contract , request for earnest money ,
  • Contact created with values required
  • Contact created with values required




  • Automated emails and interaction for 1 Core business process in pipeline
  • Blogs
  • Affiliate Manager
  • Funnel
  • Add ons
  • 1. residential /regular* clients-
  • automated client interactions -19.99
  • standard Video -automated emails in standard video format - 45
  • Custom Video - automated emails in custom video format with you on it- 99.99
  • 2. commercial /higher net worth/corporate *clients – 45 customized - one day formal consultation , regular, training
  • Delicate Account executive

Premium Add Ons

Loan Officer Recruit - Basic

$ 99 Month
  • Pipeline creation
  • Automated emails
  • Available for premium and platinum clients

New Non-Standard Customization

$ Free Month Trial
  • New non standard customization
  • One off fee of starting price 499.99 for email customization and pipeline creation
  • Free month trial
  • 129.99 monthly after customization is enrolled
  • standard Video -automated emails in standard video format - 155
  • Custom Video - automated emails in custom video format with you on it- 199.99